Kaeleigh Ayre

Kaeleigh Ayre is an actor, dancer, pet expert, enviro enthusiast, musician and writer from Winnipeg on a quest to a positive outlook.

Emily B-C

Emily Baron Cadloff is a television reporter/reader/writer/binge-watcher. Currently based in New Brunswick, she has lived all over Canada, and credits the Winnipeg Folk Festival with her love of Canadian music. She is always up for dessert.

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Winnipeg videographer Megan Corrigal spent much of her childhood singing in various contests and choir performances. When the opportunity arose to shoot for Jaded and Elated, she was excited to merge her love for music with her interest in film. She is currently a Women’s & Gender Studies student at the University of Manitoba.

NJF Polaris

Founder/Editor Nicholas Friesen is a writer, filmmaker, illustrator, photographer, musician and club starter from Winnipeg. He hosts Jaded and Elated Radio on 101.5 UMFM, Tuesday nights at 10 (CT). Hard Core Logo director Bruce McDonald once called him his “new favourite writer.”


Ray Guilleminot is a Winnipeg writer, music nerd and movie buff. He long ago came to terms with the fact that most non-Canadian bands think touring Canada means only playing Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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Seamus Hamilton-Pattison is a Winnipeg writer, musician and campus/community radio host. Currently, his main gig is editing the Arts & Culture section of The Manitoban. Seamus has a penchant for bands that can scream, play Telecasters and rock flannel or band tees onstage.

Jenna Khan Headshot

Jenna Khan is a music fan, broadcaster and advocate of the Winnipeg arts scene.

David Knipe

David Knipe‘s lifelong passion for film has led him to earn an undergraduate degree in Film Studies from the University of Manitoba. He currently manages the Film section at Mcnally Robinson Booksellers, and is the movie buyer for the store. He shoots video for J&E.

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A music lover, occasional podcaster (Angular Radio) and marketer of music for Union Events in Calgary, Kelly Leschasin fell in love with a guitar at age 12 and never recovered.