If It Feels Good Do It – YouTube vs Sloan

Sloan Snowsuit Sound Pic

Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut April 25, 2016

Many new artists to make themselves heard and seen by covering classics and current tunes on YouTube. In honour of Sloan’s One Chord to Another turning 20, we’ve decided to assemble every Sloan cover on YouTube we can find, deliver them to you chronologically (based on the Sloan album they appear on) and discuss a little. Please enjoy.


“Underwhelmed” – The Reason

Hamilton rock act The Reason rock through Sloan’s classic teenage anthem at a Long & McQuade.

Rating – 8 Chris Murphy jumping kicks out of 10.

“Underwhelmed” – Ripley, Aidan and Cairo

You haven’t heard this one until you’ve heard it acoustically with Ripley and Cairo in place of Chris and Pat at an open mic night.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy hair flips out of 10.

“Sugartune” – Octoberman

Vancouver’s Octoberman is a great band, and this moody cover is exceptional, AND it includes strings. No snark, just cool.

Rating – 10 Chris Murphy heartbreaking looks out of 10.

“I Am The Cancer” – ahuizotl

This one, performed by an ancient Aztec myth, is pretty sincere and big. It’s a great song, no matter who sings it.

Rating – 8 Chris Murphy glasses adjustments out of 10.

“I Am The Cancer” – Rocksalt Shotgun

Brooklyn’s Rocksalt Shotgun do justice to the tune with space disco beats and ethereal shoegaze guitars.

Rating – 10 Chris Murphy stage dives out of 10.

“Laying Blame” (Smeared b-side) – Eric’s Trip

Contemporaries covering contemporaries is always the best. This is stripped down and perfect.

Rating – 10 Chris Murphy lazy Sundays out of 10.

Twice Removed

“Coax Me” – The Westerberg Suicides

Fredericton’s Westerberg Suicides give us a cool acoustic performance and almost nail the harmonies, but it’s all good because it’s charming.

Rating – 8 Chris Murphy side glances out of 10.

“Coax Me” – Sideshow

This singer sounds like the guy from Sandbox and the video looks like the alternative cut, which is cool, I guess.

Rating – 4 Chris Murphy shrugs out of 10.

“Coax Me” – Jack MacLean

A classic YouTube style cover, you can hear the street noise/air conditioner in the background, but the dude has a pretty neat warble to his gravelly delivery.

Rating – 6 Chris Murphys waiting outside the venue in the snow out of 10.

“Coax Me” – Matt Hare & The Uke of Duckworth

We get it! “Coax Me” is fun to play on acoustic AND ukulele. Turn a light on.

Rating – 5 trips with Chris Murphy to Home Depot to find a light bulb out of 10.

“Coax Me” – Choir! Choir! Choir!

Is it a cover if Chris Murphy is there? This is pretty cool.

Rating – 9 Chris Murphy choir conductors out of 10.

“Coax Me” – Alex Iarocci

At least this guy used microphones and changed up the pace a little. Too much reverb, though.

Rating – Several Chris Murphys floating in an infinity of reverb, spiraling out of control, forever and ever.

“People of the Sky” – The Spirit Crumplers

Vegan brothers from Montreal attempt this Andrew Scott classic at an intimate gig and can’t quite nail the “ba ba da bas” but it’s alright because then they rock it out.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy stints behind the drum kit out of 10.

“Bells On” – Matthew Hare

Another classic YouTube webcam video, this one is a pretty faithful cover of one of Sloan’s prettiest songs.

Rating – 9 sincere Chris Murphy handshakes out of 10.

“People of the Sky” (intro) – Brian Andre

“Hey, let’s test out our new recording software!”

Rating – 3 Chris Murphy mugs to the camera out of 10.

“Deeper Than Beauty” – The Reason

I’m glad that guy from The Reason loves Sloan, because he’s nailing all of these covers.

Rating – 8 Chris Murphy Chart Magazine covers out of 10.

“Snowsuit Sound” – Aaron Lambrix

THIS ONE IS THE BEST BECAUSE THEY WEAR SNOWSUITS AND MITTS AND TOQUES. And that girl has a real Plumtree delivery, so it’s fantastic.

Rating – 10 Chris Murphy performances at MuchMusic Snow Job ’97 out of 10.

“I Can Feel It” – Chris W

The boy side of the song needs the girl side, but this guy delivers a solid take in this webcam classic.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy sandwich breaks out of 10.

One Chord to Another

“The Good in Everyone” – Amy Gore

This lost relic was recorded at Columbia Records in 1958 – wait, that’s a video filter?!? Woah. Cool, but needs drums.

Rating – 6 Chris Murphys dressed as Peter Fonda out of 10.

“The Good in Everyone” – The Red Sands

Toronto band The Red Sands rocks this one up to 11 with – is that autotune? Weird.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy scuffed shoes he won’t throw away out of 10.

“The Good in Everyone/Money City Maniacs” – The Flatliners

Richmond Hill/Brampton band The Flatliners went to CMW and all they shot was this Sloan medley. It’s okay.

Rating – 5 Chris Murphy hardcore 7 inches out of 10.

“Everything You’ve Done Wrong” – Jared Bell

Hat + shades + beard + insane reverb = wut.

Rating – 2 Chris Murphy disappointing stares out of 10.

“Everything You’ve Done Wrong” – Tom Rich

Love that he’s got a beer and a stereo on the table, like he was just listening to the song and drinking up some courage. Solid cover though, very loose. The whistling is a nice touch.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy radio singalongs out of 10.

“Autobiography” – The Reason

Again! Nailing it.

Rating – 8 Chris Murphy unauthorized biographies out of 10.

Navy Blues

“Money City Maniacs” – The Honeyrunners

“Bro, you got a GoPro? Sweet! Let’s set it up behind the drums and make sure we see the crowed reacting!”

Rating – 5 Chris Murphy beer commercial licenses to allow the band to buy back its catalogue from Geffen out of 10.

“Money City Maniacs” – Room 107

“Do we use the siren?” The crowd (at what I assume is a high school talent show) really fucking loves these guys.

Rating – Several Chris Murphys coming to your show and checking out your band out of 10.

“I’m Not Through With You Yet” – datans1

Decent little webcam cover. It’s a great song, hard to screw it up.

Rating – 8 Chris Murphy daydreams out of 10.

“I’m Not Through With You Yet” – Jess Doing Things

LOVE this on the piano. If Patrick hasn’t heard this, he needs to, because it’s great.

Rating – 9 Chris Murphy power ballads out of 10.

“Money City Maniacs” – Mood Elevator

Is this Brendan Benson? Who can say.

Rating – 7 confused Chris Murphys out of 10.

Between the Bridges

“Losing California” – Kyle Richards

This dude LOVES making YouTube cover videos. Check out his channel. He is the king.

Rating – 8 excited young Chris Murphys out of 10.

Pretty Together

“If It Feels Good Do It” – Furious George

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. The fridge. The bad sound quality. The weird shot composition.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy band name puns out of 10.

“The Other Man” – aminutestime

Keep at it, dude. You’ll get there.

“The Other Man” – Ryan Long

“I’m gonna cover this song and then label it ‘Better Man’ because fuck it, who cares?”

Rating – 6 Eddie Vedder stage dives out of 10.

“The Other Man” – Peter Lang and Stephen Zinck

“Landscape or portrait?” “Portrait.”

Rating – 6 Chris Murphy iPhone videos out of 10.

Action Pact

The Rest of My Life – Brepublic

I dig that this dude probably just discovered Sloan.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy trips to the record store out of 10.

“The Rest of My Life” – Michael Simmons

Recorded live in one take! Multiple cameras! Colour filters! Pretty faithful cover, actually.

Rating – 9 Chris Murphys living in California and not Canada out of 10.

“The Rest of My Life” – Eric Himan

It’s another cover card exclusive and this guy has never heard this song and what the fuck is the Internet?

Rating – 4 Chris Murphy tattoo sleeves out of 10.

A Sides Win

“All Used Up” – Adriana Serra and Imogen Addis

Junior high is tough, and no one ever got their own Disney Channel show by covering Sloan, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Rating – 8 Chris Murphy appearances on Rita and Friends out of 10.

“All Used Up” – Kyle Richards

He’s into it.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy layered vocal takes out of 10.

Never Hear the End of It (no YouTube covers)

Parallel Play (no YouTube covers)

The Double Cross

Unkind – ookalik15

Videos of people playing along to things are the fuckin’ weirdest.

Rating – 5 Chris Murphy interviews on Open Mike with Mike Bullard out of 10.

The Commonwealth

“Take it Easy” – Kyle Richards

Who better to end this odyssey with than this guy and his hat and sunglasses and his buddy standing behind him texting.

Rating – 7 Chris Murphy questionable wardrobe choices out of 10.