Review – Can’t Fly Without Gravity

CD art k-osk-os
Can’t Fly Without Gravity
(Dine Alone)



Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut February 8, 2016

Kheaven Brereton is hard to pin down, man. The Toronto musician/MC’s last offering, 2013’s BLack on BLonde, mixed things up with rap and rock on a double disc release, something he was always able to do on a single disc with much more of a sonic blur. The new record is a bit of a banger, and since he’s never repeated himself, k-os doesn’t disappoint here by simply re-treading anything resembling his hits – he’s an artist that truly understands how reinvention is key. “Hussle & Flow” sounds like the future, while “Vous Deux (Denzel Washington)” has those retro horns and grooves, like the Delfonics or, really, Denzel Washington’s laugh. “Turn Me Loose” is as close as we get to “classic” k-os, it’s big and hooky, a dancefloor assassin for the indie kids and the street crews alike. It’s an inspirational release – a positive piece in a world of posturing and pretension, this is a refreshing take from a consistently credible source.