Review – Carry Me Home

CD art Overnight - Carry Me HomeOvernight
Carry Me Home



Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut February 8, 2016

Sisters Carla and Lynette Gillis were recently known as Sister, and used to be in Plumtree, but now as Overnight the Toronto duo has unleashed a delicate and raw work. Over 10 tracks, Carry Me Home treats you to menacing guitar killers (“Showed Up On The Beach” and “Unsinkable”) and some glorious vocal interplay. Tonally, it sits in the same world as the Breeders’ Title TK and the latest from Wilco, and the mix sounds live but clean – like you’re sitting on the other side of the studio glass, watching Carla and Lynette pour their hearts out. The piano-laden “Silk In Your Hands” breaks things up nicely towards the end – a mournful head-bopper for those long, reflective nights. It’s a great disc, one that only took me a year to find but is now in heavy rotation.