Review – Eurydice

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Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut February 29, 2016

Opening with the sombre, acoustic pair of “The Way Is Shut” and “The Future Isn’t a We,” the return of Chris Thompson’s Moonsocket is a gorgeously heartbreaking one, filled with devastating little ditties covered in multi-tracked harmonies. Full on pop rocksterpieces “Our Hearts Are Stripped” and “Scratch the Pain into Your Book” are the only moments the record “rocks out” and that’s okay, because such tunes as “Death or Happiness” and “The Garden Falls” are the type of intimate pieces that we want from the ol’ Eric’s Trip guitarist. Maybe the upbeat tunes are just fleshed out extensions of these stripped down songs, done so for the sake of variety, but whatever the reason, they all work together. Whether you’re discovering Thompson for the first time or are a longtime fan of this lo-fi originator, Eurydice is a clean recording that doesn’t need the tape hiss, it’s the songs that are strong and that’s all we’ll hear as we drift off tonight.