Review – Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-6-45-24-pmForbidden Dimension

Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass

(Sounds Escaping)



Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut November 4, 2016

Compiling hard to find 7” singles and unreleased sessions from Calgary horror rockers Forbidden Dimension, this first release from Winnipeg’s Sounds Escaping label is a mammoth two disc set that will make new fans gush and existing fans feel at peace. Diving into fuzzed out guitars and distorted vocals is par for the course, and standouts like gritty “Little Red Schoolhouse” and raunchy “Dial ‘M’ For Monster” sound great in their new “exhumed and resurrected” digital glory. For a collection of rarities, there doesn’t seem to be a throwaway in the bunch, and gloom rockers “A Coffinfull of Crows” and “Gloria Was Evil” are psycho killers you’ll have as much fun laughing along with as rocking out to. There’s even the odd instrumental, great in their own right but made even better by titles like “Vincentprice Eruptum”. If you dig zombie lovin’ rockers like The Thrashers, your new favourite band is Forbidden Dimension.