Review – Fooled You Twice

cd - fooled you twiceThomas D’Arcy

Fooled You Twice

(Thomas D’Arcy Music Inc.)



Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut

Thomas D’Arcy has reinvented himself almost as many times as Lou Barlow or David Bowie. As the frontman of indie rockers The Carnations, dream killers Small Sins and as the man who gave The Monks’ Bad Habits a facelift for a new generation, he’s been churning out baroque space pop for a few years now under his own name with glorious results. His second full length solo collection, Fooled You Twice, is another essential. ‘70s throwback “Maybe I’m Wrong” opens the disc as a melancholy anthem, only to be followed by key-happy “My Friends Are the Best,” a tune about growing up and staying in that’s as funny as it is catchy. Oooh-centric “If It Feels Alright” finds a comfortable place among many of D’Arcy’s sad-rockers, and alongside lead single/CBC Radio staple “All Over Your Face,” it helps to hammer home just how under-appreciated a talent D’Arcy is. Closing with the vocal interplay of the title track, the disc is the soundtrack to a space opera that was maybe a lost episode of Community. But, you know, from one of the good seasons.