Review – Hey Love

CD art HaydenHayden
Hey Love
(Hardwood/Arts & Crafts)



Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut February 22, 2016

The eighth album from Thornhill, Ontario’s Hayden Desser is another heartbreaker that makes you realize how many people are ripping this guy off. Hayden is a songwriter’s songwriter, with “Troubled Times” coming off like one of those effortless pop tunes you hear in a good dream, only to remember simply the feeling once you wake. “Time Ain’t Slowing Down For Us” is begging to be the soundtrack to your campfire (or whatever happens after the embers burn out), while single “Nowhere We Cannot Go” is destined for the tiny mix tapes and foam headphones of future’s past. The sparse “Five Seasons,” with its dissonant guitar strums, sound like it’s coming from the next room it’s so clean and real, while closer “Shelter” noodles the ivories and guitars in such simple yet profound ways that you can’t help but drop whatever you’re doing just to feel … something.