Review – New Occupation


New Occupation




Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut November 4, 2016

In the 15 years since Duotang released its last album, The Bright Side, the world has changed but the Winnipeg duo’s distinct sound hasn’t. Vocalist/bassist Rod Slaughter’s playful spite is in full force from the get go, with “Nostalgia’s a Vice” leading off the 12 track record. Peppered with oohs and ahs more so than the ba ba das the band is known for, “Karma Needs to Come Around” also plays with a bit of Korg synths, keeping things cool but killer. Sean Allum’s beats lead the charge on the title track, an especially fleshed out call to action, providing a great lead into the jostling goodness of “Bastard Five” and “The Mentors.” A real driving force towards the end is “Friends” – a rocker that feels live and most like the classic bass-riffs of albums past, all packed into a one minute mile. All in, it’s a solid sound that stays true while moving forward.