Review – Pacific Milk

cd - pacific milk


Pacific Milk

(We Are Busy Bodies)


Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut January 11, 2016

Lone Limblifter constant Ryan Dahle’s time in CanRock supergroup Mounties has definitely expanded the range of sounds in his toolkit, and the band’s fourth LP, Pacific Milk, opens with a wide array of blips, guitar noodles and insane yet consistent drums on “Cast a Net.” The record does visit the classic pop/rock of Limblifter’s last disc, 2004’s I/O on “Dopamine” and “Hotel Knife,” before getting crazy with the synths on the mini “I Deleted You” and “Moods of Mechanics.” There is immediacy (“Position Open”) and pensive contemplation (closer “Juliet Club”) throughout, making for a nice balance. Each of the band’s discs has different tones and moods, but all together, they work as a complete catalogue. Whether it’s the guest stars on I/O or the harmonies of the Dahle brothers on the first two records (or the harmonies of Dahle and Megan Bradfield on the last two), the one thing that always works is that Ryan Dahle’s voice doesn’t sound like anyone else, not just because his lyrics are sardonic and comforting, or that his rasp can be controlled or chaotic. Maybe no one has dared to imitate that voice, or maybe nobody can. Either way, there is only one Limblifter, and we are happy the band is back.