Review – Palace Arms

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-6-43-43-pmPublic Animal

Palace Arms

(Yeah Right! Records)



Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut November 4, 2016

Sir Ian Blurton is back, but he never really went away. Jumping from Change of Heart to Blurtonia, from Bionic to C’mon, from his solo album to his production work, he’s only gotten louder in the last 30 years. His signature multi-tracked vocals are in full force over insane guitar riffs and the biggest drums this side of classic rock radio on Palace Arms, the follow up to 2014’s insane Habitat Animal LP. Keyboardist/vocalist Caitlin Dacey matches Blurton anthem-for-anthem throughout the disc, headlining standouts like “Procession” and “In Gravity (Don’t Throw It Away)”. To compare this to anything else on the radio, past or present, is damn near impossible – somehow Public Animal has managed to create something new and unique within the anthemic rock genre, but did we ever doubt they would? All in, if you dug C’mon, then this is the natural evolution of the chaos Blurton’s power trio was – rough around the edges with a studio sheen.