Review – TUNS



(Royal Mountain Records)



Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut November 4, 2016

When I made mix tapes (and eventually mix CDs) I usually put Super Friendz, Sloan and the Inbreds near each other, as the tunes from these Halifax giants of ‘90s indie rock so perfectly worked side-by-side. Now, the band we always felt we wanted (even if we never conscious thought it) is a reality, and its first LP, consisting of nine glorious pop janglers, is a winner. Equally dividing songs from Matt Murphy, Chris Murphy and Mike O’Neill, one could be excused for thinking this band was fronted by only one singer, since these voices so perfectly harmonize together. The pre-chorus of “Mixed Messages” sounds as familial (and familiar) as the Beach Boys, while the slow claps of “Look Who’s Back In Town Again” lead into a menacing popper that would sound at home on a late Beatles LP. Whether you’re digging the ear worms of “Mind Over Matter” and “Throw It All Away” or the melancholy sincerity of “Lonely Life”, you can pretty much guarantee an awesome time with TUNS.