Review – Weird Lines

weird lines cd artWeird Lines
Weird Lines
(Sappy Futures Ltd.)



Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut July 4, 2016

The debut offering from Sackville supergroup Weird Lines, fronted by The National Shield’s C.L. McLaughlin and JUNO-winner Julie Doiron, is a gloriously layered and hooky offering in the vein of Sebadoh, Stereolab, Yuck, and, to be honest, everyone involved in the group (which also features lo-fi king Jon McKiel, Michael C. Duguay, James Anderson and Chris Meaney). It comes off as the natural evolution of friends jamming, creating something pure and beautiful.

Over the course of its eight tracks, the record delivers everything I listen for in a musical experience – plenty of distorted guitar and bass, smooth male/female vocal harmonies, heartbreaking lyrics focusing on nostalgia and innocence, and diverse song structures. There are equal parts glorious noise pop (“Fade in My Heart” and “Summer Can”), stripped down beach going ballads (“Malibu” and “Bother To Be Bothered”) and horn-filled mover and groovers (“One Fell Swoop”) – all of which wash over you in soothing chaos. It’s a downright delight, and is easily one of my favourite records of 2016 (and the last decade).