Top 10 Music Sketches on The Kids in the Hall

Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut February 29, 2016

The Kids in the Hall is basically a Canadian rock band. The comedy troupe formed in 1984, but really came to prominence on its CBC TV show, which aired from ’89-’95. During that time, members Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson delivered subversive sketches that never parodied anyone in particular, and that’s what makes these characters so timeless. If the Kids had done musical parodies of Nirvana and Vanilla Ice, would the sketches hold up? Who can say. Anyway, here are 10 times the Kids (mostly Bruce) got musical on the show.

10. The Bass Player

I play bass. This one kind of makes me feel sad.

9. Buddy Holly

The first time I saw this as a kid I took it as fact.

8. The Doors

I prefer the version on Bruce’s Shame Based Man record, but the interplay between Kevin and Bruce is great here.

7. Bobby and Laura Break Up

Bobby may have defeated Satan at guitar, but he couldn’t hold onto Laura (hey, we’ve all been there). Stop the world, they broke up.

6. You Can’t Kill Rock

Another great moment with Bobby, this time he’s getting a lecture about how rock is technically dying (according to a computer model) and how he will soon love jazz.

5. Rod Torfulson’s Armada

One of many sketches involving Armada (fronted by Kevin’s character who never gets any credit), this one finds Rod Torfulson’s dad angling to have his son’s name on the marquee (hey, he is the owner of a power boat and speaks a little conversational french). Eventually they would add Herman Menderchuck’s name (featuring the Dudettes) and be visited by an angel who resembled the guy from the Black Crowes. But do they ever make it? “Trampoline Girl” probably coulda been a hit on Much Music at the time …

4. Premise Beach

The only sketch I can think of to feature Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, the instrumental trio responsible for the show’s theme and interstitial music, it pops into my head every time I read a bad plot synopsis on the ol’ program guide.

3. The Daves I Know

I hardly know him.

2. Roses

I remember having a pretty in-depth conversation around the junior high lunch room table about this one, featuring Bruce’s pop star Tammy in one of her many controversial music videos. The various objects that shot “the stuff of life” and the business men whose wives will be out of town for 40 minutes were funny, but we didn’t know why. Anyway, better dead than spread.

1. Terriers

Dogs. Scantily-clad women in a cemetery. Kevin in drag. This one’s got it all! I still sing it almost every day.