Top 10 Times YouTube Tried to Cover Big Sugar

Nicholas Friesen @Nicholastronaut February 22, 2016

Making a song your own is tough, and so is crafting an interesting and original YouTube video to go with it. Sometimes a simple shot of you on the couch will do. Sometimes you’ve got a multi-camera set up. Sometimes you just want to share a live clip of your old band from its second (and final) show in 2008. It’s a cover, so people will hear it, then discover your originals. Next stop: a million views and your own reality show!

Anyway, here are 10 times that YouTube tried to cover Big Sugar songs.

1. “Turn the Lights On” – The Looprechaun

Apparently dead filmmaker John Hughes isn’t dead at all, but he’s beatboxing with loop pedals, covering songs on YouTube. AND HE’S CALLED THE LOOPRECHAUN.

2. “If I Had My Way” – Stifler’s Mom

It appears that there is more than one ’90s cover band called Stifler’s Mom (shudder). Maybe this is the Canadian chapter of a worldwide society of bands taking the character Jennifer Coolidge made famous in 1999’s American Pie and paying tribute to Blink 182, Third Eye Blind and Sugar Ray?

3. “Turn the Lights On” – Summer Rock Camp

In 2011, the worlds of Ben, Jasper, Luke, Murray and Tyler were changed forever when they attended Peter Taschuk’s ROCK CAMP. Or maybe they weren’t. Anyway.

4. “100 Cigarettes” – Sam Taylor and the East End Love

Not bad. That camera angle, though. I mean, a few inches to one side or the other and we’d be able to see both members of the band.

5. “The Scene” – White Ostrich Farm

According to this Cambridge, Ontario trio’s Facebook page, the band specializes in everything from Tom Petty to Tool and everything in between. They also specialize in isolating live drum takes with Plexiglas dividers.

6. “Ride Like Hell” – Gabster9music

“Quick take,” notes the YouTube description.

7. “Joe Louis” – Fireball

Gotta love a frontman in shorts and sandals!

8. “All Hell for a Basement” – Tim Chaisson

Proof that a Big Sugar song can soundtrack a montage in a Cara Delevigne rom-com.

9. “I’m a Ram” – Brickhouse

I came for the original song, actually.

10. “Better Get Used to It” – Sons of Adam

“She’s not bad, dude. You know, for a girl.”